Nourish your skin differently, healthily  
  and  effectively  while preserving itself * 

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Super foods

The components of the care products are made from food grade ingredients. These raw materials are raw or minimally processed in order to facilitate their skin application. Thus, they preserve all their active powers and their effects.
The ingredients used for the formulations come from fruit, vegetables, herbs, algae, honey, oils, minerals, cereals, flowers ...
The superfluous elements such as synthetic fragrances, paraben, chemical preservatives, chemical dyes and texture agents are absent from the compositions in order to satisfy the most demanding skin or sensitive to a chemical environment

Soins de la peau maison


Our skin is the most visible and largest organ of our body with an area of 1.8 m2 and an average weight of 3 kg. The millions of pores present on our epidermis can be compared as many mouths. Each product applied to the skin is therefore absorbed by the pores and its components penetrate very quickly into our body.

The concept of foodie care is a return to a healthier routine in order to preserve and maintain healthy skin.  It is also a principle of Chinese hygiene of life which passes through the balance of Yin and Yang by consuming  fruits and vegetables in 5 different colors.


These 5 color families: red, yellow / orange, green, blue / purple, white / beige (assured supply of vitamins and antioxidants) are not only associated with the vital organs of the body but also with the 5 elements of nature.

5 color families

Each color represents a vitamin, mineral or antioxidant.

  • Red: Japanese red beans (azuki) are rich in zinc and flavonoids

  • Blue and purple: Perilla violet (shiso) contains omega 3 and anti-oxidants

  • Yellow and orange: yuzu is concentrated in vitamin C

  • Green: green tea, a super antioxidant, contains catechins

  • White and beige: rice provides iron and B vitamins


The skin, our  second mouth