Our philosophy


Bijin (beautiful person) & Takesumi (bamboo charcoal) reveal Japanese culture to you by selecting products and ingredients used for centuries, recognized for their qualities and resulting from ancestral Japanese craftsmanship.

Japan, with a history of more than 16,000 years, has always known how to combine traditions and modernity. The archipelago has generated, from generation to generation, a concentration of the best artisans in the world whose knowledge, skills and techniques have evolved by soaking up new technologies, from father to son, from mentor to disciple to meet the requirements. of each new era. We are committed to offering ecological, zero waste products and solutions that respect nature and people. All our packaging is reusable or compostable, the raw materials are 100% natural and of food quality.

Our engagements


  • All our packaging is recyclable or reusable (natural cotton, filter paper, cardboard)

  • We reuse all packaging from our suppliers for the shipping of our products

  • We limit the number of imports in order to reduce our carbon footprint

  • All our products are packaged on site and sent from our premises in France

pochon de takesumi
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We care  to offer quality ingredients, from organic farming in order to limit health risks and preserve all their benefits  and efficiency. 60% to 100% of the ingredients included in the compositions are from organic agriculture certified organic by ECOCERT.



The list of ingredients is minimalist without superfluity, in order to keep the bare essentials of active ingredients and effectiveness. The composition of the products does not contain paraben, perfume, coloring, synthetic agents or preservatives ...

  Made in France 

All products are made in France, in an artisanal plant cosmetics laboratory .

A line of essential, fun and multifunctional skincare products. The products offered are among the essentials of our daily life with several features.