Payment & security

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We use high-performance technology: a secure server (SSL) which ensures the reliability of our online business. This software encrypts all your personal data essential to the processing of your orders (name, address, bank details) at the time of their entry. During their single transfer via the Internet, it is then impossible to read them.

The only information then circulating on our site, when you order, is a random number associated with your card, which no algorithmic calculation can find from the real card number.

Bijin  uses Stripe and Paypal technology for online payment. Stripe  is the leader in payment technology, it  is today the essential partner of merchants in their international deployment. Their  integrated solution dedicated to mobile, online and point-of-sale payments we  allows you to accept almost all payment methods anywhere in the world.

We accept on, payments  via Paypal and the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express.