Bags &  obi pouches

  Rare object, precious object, luxurious object.  

Pouch  beauty or evening bag, it's up to you ...

visuel pochettes obi

The obi that surrounds the waist of the kimono  traditional  Japanese is diverted into sleeves and pouches.

Beauty pouch or evening bag, it's up to you ...


Obi bags bear witness to a past steeped in history, traditions and ancestral know-how. Each obi measures between 3m and 3.5 meters and is only produced in small quantities. In each room it is possible to make 4 to 5 bags. The bags are  mounted  and sewn  by hand in a Lyon sewing workshop that works  for professional reintegration.


In order to enhance the value of the work  from the Japanese craftsman who designed the obi and the sewing workshop which made the pouches and pouches, a certificate of authenticity is issued with each piece. Guarantee of quality and rarity.